Compass Europe Conference 2017

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Jesus commissioned us to “Go, make disciples of all nations, teaching them ALL I have commanded you …”  A major part of Jesus’ teaching, half of His parables, deal with money and possessions! So, how can we teach people God’s economic principles for our personal lives, our families, businesses and society?

Today, the church is not teaching God’s economic principles. At the beginning of last century, the Reformed businessman and theologian Abraham Kuyper stated that “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!”  This includes our economic life!  Part of our mission at Compass is to help the Church regain its voice in the realm of economics – personal and corporate! Stewardship is a cornerstone of the Bible’s teaching on economics. Stewardship is practical discipleship … learning to follow Jesus with all God has given to us to manage!Title_Pic2

This conference will give you inspiration, resources and know-how to enable you to teach Biblical stewardship in your churches and organisations, as an essential part of the process of making disciples!

Practical workshops will help you to understand how to apply Biblical stewardship principles in personal finances, your business and church.

You will receive practical help on how to start a stewardship movement in your church, city and nation!

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Compass in French

Posted on Nov 24, 2014 in Europe

Kurt & Lis Bühlmann from Lausanne in Switzerland have launched their new web site “The Power of Money”  – ‘gérer ses biens selon une perspective biblique’.

Kurt and Lis are busy teaching teachers in the French language area of the world.  They recently visited the French speaking islands of Polynesia, teaching thousands in Tahiti,  and have taught stewardship leaders in Burkina Fasso and Madagascar in Africa.

Check out the new web site in French:    You can find a French study course on Biblical finances here


Kurt Bühlmann, leader of French Compass

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Compass expands in Russian language area

Posted on Aug 11, 2014 in Europe

Anatoliy Musiyenko is leading the Compass expansion in the Russian language area. He is Compass Regional Director for Eurasia.

Anatoliy_PragueRecently, he received a letter from Julia Kim from Khabarovsk (FarEast of Russia). I’ve been very excited to learn that they run several crossdenominatonal biblical financial studies. People from different churches participate in it. They are very grateful for the course and with great excitement introduce it to other regions. Soon new groups will be in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and in Moscow. Here are some of their feedbacks

“I got rooted deeper in faith.”  – Andrei Lee

“It was new for me to learn that everything belongs to God. I thank God that He put me to be steaward of His business. I am also greateful for God’s responses to our prayers”. –  Elizabeth Kalinina, Agaphe Church

“I am very grateful for this course and for the people who were in my group. During the course God responded to my prayer that I prayed for many years – my husband came to the Lord. We studied together and now after course completion we teach our children how to be wise steawards”. Olga Lim, Baptist church of Hope.

“The most precious element of the course is felowship. It’s been very interesting and useful to participate at discussions. I took a lot from it, reconsidered my attitude on finances and made some serious commitments”. Olga Mahnurova, Word of Life pentecostal church.


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