Compass – finances God’s Way trains volunteers from Churches to become financial coaches.  Churches can then have an outreach programme to their community through these trained coaches who meet genuine needs of people in their neighbourhood!

This can be budget coaching, or more specifically debt aid coaching.

Compass Coaching is designed to help people achieve their (financial) life goals. During one’s life, there are many crossroads at which choices have to be made, such as marriage, raising children,  unemployment, buying a home, divorce etc. There are important financial consequences to all of these life choices. How can you receive guidance and wisdom in making the right choice?

A Compass coach is a volunteer who supports and guides a process of self-learning. Within this process, one learns to set goals and is focussed on intensifying the awareness of the coachee on the effect of their own behaviour and choices. The goal os to teach the coachee to learn how to handle their money Gods way!

Compass offers training for coaches and supports the coach with assessments and life planning skills. Coaching can take place either in small groups or 1:1.My Financial Compass is a 4-part workshop offered to people who want to achieve their desired life goals.

The Compass Money Map is a model of financial planning which takes you through several destinations along the road to true financial freedom.

“Debt Aid Buddies” , devised in The Netherlands, is a specialised coaching programme to help people through a process of debt elimination.